Are You Living on Autopilot?

July 10, 2019

Have you ever been driving, arrived at your destination, and realized - to your horror - that you couldn’t recall how exactly you got there? Portions of your trip were just a mental blank, which is pretty terrifying when you consider that you were driving around a 2000-3000 pound machine capable of injuring yourself or others. You were on autopilot, and this happens to us more than we realize. 


There is a prominent theory that tells us that human beings have a finite amount of will-power. If you use it all up, you experience decision-fatigue. (Think about drawing a blank after getting home from a full workday when your spouse asks you where you want to go to dinner.) To keep from burning too many mental calories, your brain automates as many habitual practices as it can to save up energy for the other decisions it can’t make automatically. 


But life shouldn’t be lived on autopilot. 


We've noticed its not uncommon for the people in our mission focus area to go through the motions of life. Take the kids to school, drive to work, drive back, pick the kids up at school, drive them to swim/baseball/football practice, eat dinner on the road, run a quick errand, pick the kids up from practice, drive home, and collapse into bed at the end of the day only to get up the next morning and do it all over again. 


There is more to life than mindlessly shuffling from one activity to the next. We believe that every one of us has God given purpose and potential. We want to help people wake up to it! 


Unfortunately this stuffed-schedule stupor isn’t something we can be roused from with an inspiring call to action.


We aren’t just asleep.


We’re actually dead.


We need resuscitation.


We need a resurrection.


On Easter Sunday this year, I had the privilege of preaching at Resurrection Lutheran Church. (Since then, I’ve also preached this sermon at our other partnership churches, but if you missed it you can still listen here.) We focused on the idea of seeing the world through “resurrection eyes.”  When you know that somebody loves you, it changes the way you see the world around you. The same resurrected Jesus who called Lazarus from the grave calls to us today too. He calls us to live with a different perspective - to live in a new reality because we know the end of the story, His victory over death for us! This shift changes everything.  


In practice, we might still be running from dawn to dusk most days, but our perspective is different. A car ride with the kids becomes an opportunity to disciple them in their walk with the Lord. The line at the grocery store becomes a chance to serve the people behind us with a smile and a kind word. We are resurrected disciples inviting people to walk with us as we walk with Jesus. We see the world through resurrection eyes! 


Family worship with our team of resurrected disciples! 

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