The Rough Edges

September 12, 2018

One week ago today, we pulled into north Houston with both vehicles, the kiddo, the dog, and our 17-foot camper trailer (home until our apartment is ready on the 15th). I’ll be honest, it’s been a tough week.


The weekend spent with Ted and Chelsey learning about their church plant, Narrative Church, was incredibly helpful. But already we could tell Satan was starting to “pester.” The car battery died. Like won’t-take-a-jump dead.


Then on Sunday night, Flint came down with his first fever--a high one--that caused us more than a little anxiety. We delayed our departure until Tuesday.


His fever was pretty high when we arrived in Spring so as soon as we got the A/C running in the camper, we gave him some Tylenol. Then suddenly he was sick… all down the front of my shirt. Off to urgent care we go! That first night was a REALLY late night.



Test of Patience & Nerve 


I really hope this is ALL new parents and not just us, but dealing with a sick kiddo tested us on levels previously untried. Especially since he couldn't talk and tell us what’s wrong, the screaming hurt both our hearts and eardrums.


I’m thankful for a couple of amazing friends who gave solid advice--yay Sam & Sarah!--as well as two wonderful doctors in San Antonio who fielded text messages until we could find a healthcare provider covered by our new insurance.


Little dude’s all better now (we’re so thankful for everyone who was praying with us those few intense days). The move has definitely thrown his little schedule off but we’re quickly finding a new rhythm.



Meeting People


In fact, Flint was actually a contributor to one of the coolest interactions we’ve had since we arrived! Early last week, Mark visited the fire station close to the RV park where we’re staying. He had a great conversation with the office manager who invited him to bring the whole family back for a tour.


When we went the next day, it was like Mark was everyone’s best friend! He was greeted by name and we ended up spending over an hour visiting with the firefighters and getting their insights about the community here. (Flint got to sit in the truck and check out the cool lights, too!)


There will be more “rough edges” in the coming days. I’m thankful for a God who is with us in the valleys and on the mountaintops.


Speaking of mountaintops, we got to visit with and meet some awesome people this week! Leaders from the church planting network in north Houston met on Thursday (what we’re all kind of referring to as “The Partnership”... like the Mafia but for Jesus). Then on Sunday we were installed during both services as Resurrection Lutheran. This coming Sunday we’ll be commissioned at The Dwelling in New Caney. 


Mark’s doing a much better job than I am at remembering names, but we’re both SO excited to be meeting people who God may ask to join the launch team!



Next Steps + Prayer Requests


On Wednesday, September 19th, we’ll begin an 8-week Bible study series at Resurrection Lutheran (full details below). Using stories from Scripture as our framework, we’ll be discussing the “why, how, and what” of church planting.


Please join us in praying for those who will attend this study (some of whom could end up being on the launch team)… and for us, that we would utilize this time well.



Living in North Houston? Join us on Wednesday nights!



Church planting, people fishing, and other strange missions from God.


When? September 19 - November 14 (no meeting on Halloween) from 5:30-7:30pm

Where? Resurrection Lutheran Church


Study Details: "Where are we going? Who are we reaching? What will I be asked to do?" Pastor Mark and Laura Pulliam invite you to participate in an interactive Bible study series as we take a closer look at church planting through the lens of God's story. If you've got questions about what it takes to plant a church, we've got (some of) the answers... and we can't wait to meet you! Together we'll explore Bible stories that reveal our role in God's big plan for making disciples of all nations... right here in North Houston.








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