What Happens Next

August 9, 2018

That seems to be the question lately... what happens next? We’ve had a lot of fun watching people’s reactions when we tell them we’re planting a church. The conversation typically goes like this:


“Oh wow! Planting a church! That sounds awesome.”

“Yeah, we’re excited.”

“So do you have a building?”


“An office?”


“A congregation?”

“Not exactly.”


Are we nervous? You bet. Excited? Absolutely. In his last sermon, Pastor DeVries (one of our mentors, now in heaven) shared the perfect piece of wisdom for situations like this: Life by the yard is hard, life by the inch is a cinch.


We’re gonna take the next few months one step--or inch--at a time. Scripture tells us that God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. That sounds nice and all, but I’ve been camping enough times to know that no matter how luminous your lantern, it will still only reveal the path a few steps at a time. We’re learning to be okay with that.


So here’s what the next few steps look like for us--hope you’ll tag along as the story unfolds by subscribing for updates!



The Next Three Weeks


Last Sunday (August 5th) was our last official day at Mount Calvary Lutheran as Director of Christian Education (DCE) and Associate Pastor. It was a joy-filled yet bittersweet occasion. We had served there for 7 years. That’s enough time to plant deep roots in people’s lives. I’m so grateful that God allowed us to share life with friends and family in San Antonio for so long!


For the next three weeks, we’re taking a little bit of rest. We’re keenly aware that planting a church will challenge us in ways we’ve never even considered. The gap time these next few weeks will provide allows us the opportunity to decompress from one thing and be filled (through prayer and God’s Word) for the next thing.


We’re looking forward to spending quality time with each of our families and seeing some friends. Yesterday we visited our favorite winery with some neighbors and today we're having lunch with our San Antonio DCE Circuit! 


Our apartment isn’t ready until mid-September, so we’ll actually be moving to Spring in our little camper trailer the last week in August… with our dog and baby… stay tuned for how that goes!!! (Adventure awaits, right?)


Our installation is scheduled for Sunday, September 9th at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Spring. If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you there!



Specific Prayer Request(s)


Besides resting, we’ll also be doing a lot of prayer-raising these next few weeks. We hope you'll continue to join us in praying for the mission focus area and the future members of the Launch Team! At the end of each blog, we also plan to share specific (often time-sensitive) prayer requests for our family.


So here’s one for this week--packing and moving logistics are proving really stressful and Satan seems to be taking every opportunity to pester us (more on that story in next week's blog). Our little dude Flint is teething molars… yikes… and starting to skip naps… double yikes. Would you ask God to give us spirits of peace amidst the chaos in our house, so that we act toward each other out of love (even when we’re all a little over-tired)? Thanks!



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