Tying Shoes: Part 2

August 4, 2018

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of what the next few weeks/months will entail, we thought it’d be fun to give you a behind the scenes look at how God led us to this path. This article was originally published in Mount Calvary Lutheran Church’s July newsletter, “The Mount.” This is part 2 in the series. Click here read part 1.



After that phone conversation with Pastor Doering, we did an initial visit to the area. After the call was extended, we visited again. God was really messing with us. San Antonio and Mount Calvary have been our home and base of ministry for seven years. We shed a lot of tears even just thinking about leaving (and will likely shed a few more)... but God wouldn’t let us dismiss this opportunity.


Finally, after lots of prayer and heartfelt conversations with wise mentors and friends, it became clear that God was sending us to be missionaries to this area.


It’s amazing how many similarities there are between the roles of church planter and foreign missionary. In a foreign mission field, a worker learns the language of the community, builds relationships with key people in the community, listens to people’s needs and tries to fill those, all while pointing people to Jesus. A worker begins to assemble a team of locals who hear the good news about Jesus, respond by following Him, and then begin to tell their local friends the good news too. And that’s what we’ll be doing, too.


Several people have expressed curiosity about the fact that we won’t have a church building. Since our goal is to be missionaries to the community, we’ll be spending most of our time… in the community! We’ll also be getting to know folks from the supporting congregations while sharing the mission and vision of the church plant. In the fall, we will begin training those who are led to join us. As people are discipled, the church will be born.


There’s an incredible story in your Bible in the Gospel of Luke (24:13-35). After Jesus is resurrected, two of His disciples are traveling to a town named Emmaus. They don’t quite understand yet what Jesus’ death really meant, and they don’t actually believe that Jesus rose from the dead… yet. As they walk along, they are met by a fellow traveler who joins them on their journey and begins asking about what they were discussing as they walk. They begin telling him all about Jesus’ life, His trial, His crucifixion, and the fantastic claim by some of their friends that He had risen from the dead. This traveler begins explaining to them from God’s Word why the Messiah had to die and rise. They get to their destination, invite this traveler to join them for a meal, and as he blesses and breaks the bread, their eyes are opened and they realize that it's Jesus! He has been walking with them the whole time and finally they see Him for who He is.


That’s what we want for the people we have been sent to serve in Spring. We want them to encounter Jesus through His Word and have their eyes opened to who He is. If that mission excites you, we’d love to talk with you more about partnering with us. We don’t know fully what God has in store for us in Spring, but we are confident that as He has faithfully led us so far, He will continue to lead us forward.


We’d encourage you to tie your shoes and wait for God to direct your steps, too. If He wants you to support and serve alongside us, we can’t wait to partner with you. If He wants your time and resources elsewhere, that’s awesome too! The cool thing about serving God is that no matter what job he’s giving you to do, you can be assured that it’s Kingdom work. So let’s get to it, shall we?


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